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Do you play to win or play to play?

September 27, 2017

It has come into full focus that most people take themselves way too seriously.

Many feel their work, their career, their political and religious views and most of all, their attitude of self importance are of a higher value and demand more attention, respect and reward than anyone else.

You could almost say the same about me,  and the writing of this article, except I know this is my view and it is not meant to change peoples minds.  It meant just to let me talk about my random thought on the matter.

If you agree that’s great, if not,  I would enjoy your feedback and comments on the subject.

So, what about the play aspect?  This is huge in the world of seriousness.  If you have followed me for any length of time you may have heard this line before.  “Life is a  game, do you want to play?”

That is a serious question in the world of play.  The idea of  this game is that no-one leaves a winner, at least in earthly terms.  You may come out a winner in the realm of spiritual, karmic, or universal energy development,  and that would be a huge victory.  I hope to know about it some day.

The best way to play this game of life is to play to have fun,  and not worry so much about the winning.

Owning the biggest, the best,  the newest and just trying to have the most of everything is playing to lose.  The whole you can’t take it with you thing.

Having the most happiness, sure. That’s a winner, but not if it is based on some sort of fake monetary or social value.  Then it’s a fake win.

So what do I consider playing to play?

  • working at or living your passion
  • maintaining a sense of humor and sense of play
  • maintaining a relatively healthy lifestyle
  • a loving, joyful relationship
  • good friends
  • being honest with yourself
  • compassion for others
  • having a family (only if that is part of your  passion)
  • taking yourself a lot less seriously
  • some sort of belief …  whether it is religious, spiritual, universal …. and you don’t force it on someone else
  • living within your means … in most cases realizing that less is more

Winners of the game:

Basically I feel that the less you feel you need the more you will realize you have.  Taking the time to play, to enjoy what you have, the life you have.

Losers of the game:  Many instead are always striving be more, have more need more along with the need to be seen as a Successful Winner because of it.

So, do you play to play or play to win?






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