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You can’t hold balance you can’t feel

January 5, 2018
Today’s senior center class was a good one.  We had a small group to start the year so I chose to focus on a skill instead of moving ahead with our Tai Chi for Arthritis form.
The skill we worked on was holding balance and tapping out with a toe. 

Hold and tap balance exercis

Balance exercise: hold and tap

It is a great skill that applies to so many of the Tai Chi and Qigong movement.   Balance is a passion of mine to teach and a skill I love to see students come to terms with and implement.   I have even written a pdf book about this titled Walking Without Fear.  
One of the biggest mistakes (problems) I see in students who come in with balance issues is their lack of awareness of where their center, and center of gravity is, and are missing the control of their overall movement.
They throw themselves into steps instead of controlled body placement. They tend to overreach / overstep their capability to hold positions, resulting in semi controlled falls from position to position.
One of my passions is teaching them to feel their movement, their balance points, their controlled shifting of weight and balance through their movements.
It is not magic. It is a learned skill that can be applied to movement in any direction, whether it is a front, back, side step or a turn.
If you know someone who is afraid of falling, or concerned about their balance, let them know they can improve. It just takes them finding the right person to teach them.
To your wellness,
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