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Fate, Karma or just where your supposed to be .. the Chi of Living

June 23, 2018

I am asked a lot:  “how did you end up teaching this stuff?”

The short answer…  “by accident”

The long answer…  “by accident”

You see, I never planned on teaching Tai Chi or Qigong.  I never planned on learning it either.

I was always active as a kid,  active as a teen and young man, and even into my late 30′ / early 40’s.  I played Frisbee, ran cross country and biked.

Did I think hey, martial arts, external arts and internal arts are for me, or just what I need.  Nope, never crossed my mind.

The bagel guy.  I met him one day, in his store buying some carbs and fat to sooth my craving.  He was a very jolly Moroccan who told me he was starting a class next door in the empty strip mall store.  Would I like to try it.  He said it would harden my bagel belly.

So yeah, one of my friend and I took the class, and for two years we got the crap kicked out of us, got strong, got the mindset and learned an amazingly hard external martial art.

Then as quick as it started, the guy got injured in an accident, lost his drive and moved.  My life in martial arts was over, until…

Sensei Tom snagged me on the street.  He got me to come to his class and bam, just like I was meant to be there I got sucked in.

The interesting thing is that it all seemed natural, like it was what my mind and body had been looking for without telling me.  It was not like the martial arts class, it was totally different.  The artistry of the movements resonated with me.  I immediately learned way to make it my own,  creating mental images I could relate to and also explain to others.

A quick aside.  In all my careers and paths I had been told I had a knack for explaining, showing and teaching.  I never had anything I felt the urge to teach though.

Until,  I was faced with a career change.  I was not lost, but wandering and seeking what was next.

The teaching of Tai Chi and Qigong chose me.  It smacked me in the head and was basically like “hey, stop looking, I’m right here!  Come do this!”.

The rest as they say is history.  One class lead to another to another and to another.  Each creating the need and desire to learn more, to teach more and grow the passion.

It all just showed up and played out as it went.  I was just lucky to be aware enough to accept it.

Are you running on fate, or karma or where you are supposed to be?

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