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It’s about connecting, nourishing, and playing … Qigong works

July 31, 2018

Normally when I do my morning Qigong it is to stretch out  from the nights sleep and generally get my energy moving.  To day I wanted it to be different and since the sun was out for the first morning in what seems like weeks,

I played with suns energy as it connected with mine.

Doing Qigong on my deck with the morning sun shining bright on me, I chose to do my Qigong with my eyes closed facing the sun.

The brightness of the sun made my eyelids glow a nice red-orange hue as the heat from the sun warmed my face.

What I noticed was that as I took in my deep breaths the color that showed on my lids changed. It went from red-orange to bright white and back to red-orange on exhale.

With each deep breath, it changed in color and, this is where is really got interesting, it grew in scope.

Instead of being close in, only my lids, the eyelids became more transparent and the color field expanded and shrank with each breath.

It seems like, on inhale, that I was creating a white cloud around me that drew back in on exhale.

As I added in overhead arm movements I could send the light being drawn in on downward “gathering” movements and being spread on lifting “dispersing” movements.

Neat stuff, and with this focus, I really felt the energy buzzing.

You can read a lot into this such as imagination, misinterpretation,  or  any other reason to explain it while the simple matter is…..

Qigong works!

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