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Ya gotta do the work, ya just gotta if you want to grow results

September 2, 2018

If nothing else, teaching has taught me a lot about people.

You see not only do they have different learning styles, they have different learning attitudes.

Most folks looking at a long term Qigong student see them practicing their craft in a soft, smooth and what seems to be effortless flow.  This also includes sensei’s,  sifu’s and masters, whom are still simply students at various stations of advanced learning.

They seem to have a calm about them, a softness of attitude and a relaxed way about their movement.

Let me tell you…  they did not get there overnight.

For Qigong, something as soft as it is, to look effortless takes work of mental concentration, physical application and strength of spirit to persevere.

As the years have carried on, I have found that many people come and go as students.

I like to say that even though Qigong is great for every body, it’s not great for everybody. 

Many don’t have the perseverance to reach the results of change.

I’m quite lucky to have had overall a good number of students who have hung around a few years.  a handful have been with me over 6 years.  Why?  They get results from their practice.

More than not however, when I ask students if they play at or practice their Tai Chi or Qigong at home, most say no. 

Personally I find that so hard to understand.  They have the dedication to come to classes, study, learn, discuss and then forget it outside of class.  They don’t seem to connect their two worlds.

As I stated in the title of this post, it takes the work get results.  Some only want to skim the surface,  and be happy at the outer level of what Qigong can do.  A lot want more, but just don’t put in the time.

If only they gave themselves a taste of what is just a few hours of practice a week would do, the way they view themselves in their practice would radically shift.

Are you ready for the work?

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