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Qigong is the best fitness program you’re not doing

May 15, 2019

All modalities of movement are not created equal. 

Yes, I stated the obvious but for a reason.  It was to hopefully to get to you see where I was going with this.  Keep reading to find out.

10 years ago, I would have started talking about the benefits of Tai Chi here, but today I want to talk about Qigong.

Why?  Because I feel Qigong is a better road to overall health for me, and for you.

You most likely are familiar with Yoga, Pilates and perhaps have had visual introduction to or even tried a little Tai Chi.  There is a good chance that Qigong is new to you.

First, the pronunciation:  Qigong…  Qi (Chi as in cheese). Gong (as in the ringing gong).

Second, the definition:  Qi (Chi) is life energy.  Gong is work or cultivation.

I like to view Qigong as gentle flowing movement that cultivates the mind and body, preparing them the use energy move effectively for whole person health and wellbeing.

Often looked at as meditation in movement, the internal focus, breathing and movement of Qigong moves energy through meridians, channels and vessels in the body.  There is a phrase “relaxing to the bone”, meaning release of tension of body tissue (skin, fascia, muscle, ligament and tendon) which allows the joints to open.  This combination of whole body (physical and mental) relaxation releases blockages, allowing the energy, blood and all internal fluids to flow smoothly.

The relaxation also transfers your nervous system from a state of fight or flight into the parasympathetic mode, where healing can take place.

Why do I say this is better than Tai Chi? 

Well, it’s is much easier to learn.  The movements or patterned forms in Tai Chi is like learning to dance.  So much focus goes into memorizing the patterns that the relaxation takes longer (often much longer) to attain.

You can do it anywhere.  No matter where you are you can do some form of Qigong, from breath-work alone to full movements.  No special equipment, clothing or location needed.

You gain benefits immediately. From the first movement, you can begin to sense the softness. Mind body connection is so important that even a small sampling and mild relaxation will create benefit.

Anyone can practice it.  It can be done standing or seated.

Qigong reduces stress, lowers blood pressure, works the brain, improves posture, helps with many motor control ailments (Parkinson’s, arthritis and such), improves focus/concentration, improves standing and structural (movement) balance, mproves mood and yes, self-esteem.

Qigong has no downside. Qigong works!

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