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Qigong, I bet it is not what you think it is

July 31, 2019

stan_side_semi_lungeHonestly,  most people have no clue what it is.  More honestly, after years of practicing, and learning, I am still discovering what it is.  Qigong is much more that stretching.

First of all, lets take the fact that is was developed in China out of the equation.  I would rather say it was developed by some pretty intuitive folks who discovered the mind / body awareness connection 3 – 5 thousand years ago.

Somehow they were able to dig deep and discover the connection between the energy in our bodies and the energy in the rest of the universe. They developed, through I imagine a lot of trial and error, methods of movement that amplify this energy within our bodies to maintain health and  wellness.

The pronunciation makes most balk at the idea of Qigong.   Think of Cheese,  without the s on the end,  following by a gong,  those big round discs you bang for noise.

So Qi is  the Chee or Chi sound,  gong is well gong.  So there you have it,  Qi Gong,  or a CheeGong sound.

I mentioned above that Qigong is movement.  It is actually very slow, gentle, controlled and mindful.  To a casual observer it may look like slow motion calisthenics.  Kinda yes, but it is much more than that.  It really needs to be done to see, or better yet, feel the difference.  Words can’t do it justice.

Qigong works on physical, emotional and spiritual levels, and practitioners find the more they practice and learn the stronger each of those levels becomes.  The practice become a lifestyle as it changes how you think, move and live.

Some call it moving meditation, which is great for most who are looking to meditate. Seated meditation is very difficult whereas moving meditation gets results much more quickly.

Qigong is great for stress relief,  helps with PTSD, and is wonderful for folks with movement disorders.

The list of benefits is quite extensive.  Check this google search link for tons of info.

I tend to post a lot of info on my Chiforliving Facebook page.  Check it out when you get a chance.  I would love to have you follow my chiforliving page and continue to learn as I do my best to help spread the Qigong revolution.


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