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We are all bags simply of stuff, so how do we move them?

August 30, 2019

I was describing my idea on Qigong movement techniques to a class a few years back and most were sort of getting it, but I could tell some were not.

The main principle I was working on getting them to grasp was moving from the inside out.  Not the easiest to grasp when you have never worked on moving this way.  Qigong, is you have not heard me say it or have no experience with it, it different.

While discussing it I had an epiphany, which happens a lot when trying to find ways to teach.

“we are all bags of stuff”

You read it right.  The stuff is skin, muscle, tendon, fluids, organs and so on. All of which hang off our skeleton.

Traditionally, using this bag idea,  if you wanted to lift an arm, you would tighten the bag from the outer muscles and associated tissue and use that material to lift the arm, moving the skeleton under it in response.   This works from the outside in.

My interpretation of Qigong movement is reversed.  I teach to work from the skeleton out.  

Meaning,  if I want to move an arm,  I start by opening the shoulder joint which get the bicep moving, releasing the elbow, which gets the forearm moving, opening the wrist, traveling through the hand which opens the fingers.

This is all joint and energy related, keeping the “bag of stuff” as relaxed with little tension allowing it to be carried by the frame.

Working this way is not easy however it is a great method to put your mind inside your body and connect to how you move. You learn to relax with tension.  Yes, you do need tension, but the good kind.  🙂

Of course there is a lot more to it than that, but the big picture made sense to my students as we continued to work with that mindset.

You could see them all soften in their movements.

Why soft, relaxing of tissue and opening of joints?  It allows the entire body, its fluids and energy to flow more smoothly.

Does this make sense to you?  Let me know.

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