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You don’t know what something feels like till you feel it

September 14, 2019

This headline for this post,  You don’t know what something feels like till you feel it, can hold true for many things in life, and is especially true in Tai Chi and Qigong.

Chi or Qi, what am I supposed to feel?

As hard as Qi (Chi) energy is to explain, it seems just as hard to get folks to feel it, mainly because they don’t know what they are supposed to feel.  I say, do you feel anything that you did not before.  Or, try this,  now this…  did you feel anything at all,  as subtle as it may be, different between the two.

It could be cold, it may be warm, heavy, a tingle, a flow or some other physical sensation.  It may be a change in mood,  a feeling of lightness, or just something you can’t place or put  name to.  It is just there.

All part of the reason some folks say is it strictly power of suggestion.  I say no to that.  Chi is real,  I just can’t prove it to you without your feeling it.

So yeah, some folks get energy right away, some take a long time,  some swear they never do.  It is that subtle at first, but once you get it,  you got it forever.

And then we have the issue of balance.

People walk, its what we do to get from one place to another. Unless of course they have physical issues that keep them from being ambulatory.

The issues is,  most pay no attention to how they walk.

  • Are they slumped?
  • Do they shuffle
  • Do they lean forward, backward or list to one side?
  • Do they keep good posture
  • Do they hold balance well or poorly
  • do they do they do they

Endless list of question actually.

The good thing is that balance is something you can feel easily.  You have it or you don’t.  There are degree if it and those you can feel with a couple simple tests.  Unlike Qi, which is subtle, balance is obvious when you direct your focus to it.

Luckily balance in most cases can be improved.  Believe me, I know.  I work with folks every day that show me and tell me about it.

But yet,  they did not know how to fix it until I showed them what to look for and feel.  Basically validating my opening statement.

There are tons of examples of other aspects.  What is a soft knee or soft joint or simply what does relaxed feel like?

Qigong and Tai Chi work on these things.  Each is better at some aspects than the other.  Which is better?

It all depends your goals and expectations.

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