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I prefer being formless, cause I find it a more enjoyable journey

September 19, 2019

Short but to the point,  I teach Tai Chi and Qigong movement and principles.

I get questioned a lot on who my master was and what forms and styles I studied and teach.

Most of those who question me are those who have studied traditional lineage styles and strict form styles.  They roll their eyes at me and tell me I should not be teaching when I tell them my background.

You see, I have not done much traditional training, although I did study 9.5 yeards with my first sensei.  I have never done beyond a 40 movement form and I don’t remember the one I practiced when I did.

Why?  I have no interest in spending all that time learning and  trying to perfect the sequence just to practice sequence,  regardless of the known benefits to that kind of dedicated practice.

I prefer the no form, or short forms I practice.  Very eclectic without lineage correctness or exactness.  It is Tai Chi and Qigong for fun,  health, relaxation and all the other associated benefits, without the worry.

For myself and my students,  practice is about building skills of movement using traditional principles and methods.  Skills that translate into results.  Skills that we use when we do practice forms.

Function over form, skill over lineage, relaxation over stress. Fun over everything.

A simple concept that works.  This method for me allows continued growth of skills. Modifications of movements.  Addition of what works better, subtraction of what I no longer need or like.

I don’t claim to be a master of Tai Chi or Qigong, but I do claim to be a teacher and guide of works for me,  and for many of the students in my classes.

If you want to follow a master and his ways I am hoping you find one that you really enjoy studying with and have great success.  There are great  benefits to that which just don’t work for me.

If you want to create your own path up the mountain, I hope you find a good guide who can teach you the basic skills and tools and hopefully enough advanced ones that you can use to help you develop your own path.

Feel free to message me about how I found mine.  Perhaps I can I can be one of the guides to help you along your journey.

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