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You create your own Qigong, yes you do

December 8, 2019

OK, disclaimer.  Some of you may get this right off,  some of you may roll your eyes.  But that’s because, well, read on to see.

I took a course years ago by the name of Increase.  We went as a family one weekend during my college years.  It was perfect timing, right in the midst of my experimental years.  (been there, done that).

The main takeaway from that weekend was a simple but powerful concept of “you create your own reality”.

Today, approximately 45 years later it finally made the most sense.  Epiphany of sorts.

The idea of reality of based on senses, perception and interpretation.  All we see, hear, touch, smell and feel combines to form a picture, but not without first being filters and assembles by our “selves”.

We create the picture and assemble what follows from that creation with actions that create our reality.

So how does this relate to my post title?  It’s quite simple.

Every theory,  principle, idea, form,  movement and nuance you are taught about Qigong ends up being internalized and then performed as your version. Unique and individualized as you see and feel it.

I was talking the other day about teachers and strict schools of thought at are very ridged in the way forms are performed.  I strongly differ, which at times gets me in trouble with purist Qigong and Tai Chi folk.

I teach that learning to feel is first and foremost.  Add in principles, which yes, do have rules and guidelines for, but then, take it from there.

I like to tell groups that if there were 50 of in the room, practicing together for now matter how long,  there would be 50 different versions of the movements.  We would simple all just keep better at our versions.

You create desire to become practitioner of Qigong.

You create the opportunity to learn

You create the opportunity to practice

You create the opportunity to grow and heal

You create your own Qigong

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