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Two methods to help learn Qigong and Tai Chi movement and forms

December 11, 2019

In classes I see students struggle with forms and individual movements.  The patterns and timing are new to them and their memory for each fails them more often than not.

There are two methods I teach students to try which seem to help.  Remember however, not all work for everyone.  You may find one, both or neither of these will work for you.  It’s just how our brains work.

Method 1:  Make up your own story

When I teach I use words that work for me and that I find work in general for my students.  I talk in pictures and metaphors, giving various  ways to look at the movements.

Now, my words (or those of your teacher) may not resonate with you so here is what I suggest.

As you go through the movement try making up a story, using your own words and pictures.  As you go through each movement, talk it out in your head. Try to visualize the movement in a way that makes it clear for you.

Second, work on this on piece at a time and build the story in bites you can digest easily.

Method 2:  Think of how you would teach it

It is often said the best way to learn something it to teach it.  I have found this to be absolutely true.

Teaching forces you, if you are a good teacher, to break the information down. Be it visual, physical or verbal, you need to be able to explain the material clearly and in a way that the students can grasp.

So, as you go through each step, try to think of how you would explain to someone who knows nothing about it, what you are doing.  If you can, add in why you do it this way.

I find that when students understand the why, it helps them understand the how.

Bonus tip: Practice

Most of all, and by far the most important is to practice.  Just a few minutes at time to start. Long enough to feel what you are doing.

If you have questions, ask your teacher.  If they say don’t worry about that, ask again.  If you have a teacher who does not like to be questioned, I hate to say, find another teacher.

To your wellness!




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