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To do or not do… Yoda was wise

January 22, 2020

Every week in classes I ask the students “who had practiced at least 5 minutes a day the days between classes”.

So few raise a hand or say that they had. Many say “I was going to but… ” Other says “if I only had the time”, and then the classic “I got distracted by something else”

I then ask if they feel better after a class. 100% of them say yes.

I ask if they think they would feel even better if they remembered more and / or practiced more. Again, 100% of them say yes.

So my next question is, what is really stopping them from practicing on their own.

Many say “I don’t remember what to do”, or “I don’t want to do it wrong at home”.


There is only one thing that keeps someone from practicing on their own: Desire

How badly do you want to make changes to your life, to feel better, move better, think clearer or have more confidence and learn to release stress and anxiety?

How hard is to remember how to raise and lower hand while breathing in and out, or push your hands forward and bring them back. So simple yet effective it is frighteningly magical. Yet “I can’t remember” is an excuse. Come on!

So, if you want to improve, and use Qigong,(or any fitness program) follow the Yooda principle

Do or not do, there is no try

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