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My healthy obsession with Qigong

January 26, 2020

I talk a lot about what Qigong can do and does for my students.  And I talk about why I teach.


Qigong for heath and wellness

I tell stories about students of all ages and their successes, which I hope helps inspire others to give the wonderful art of Qigong a go.  To take the leap into self care,  to heal mentally, physically and spiritually.

But not too often to talk about my own reasons to practice.

So, a very short yet realistic insight to why I am obsessed and possessed by this 5000 year old form of fitness.

What has Qigong done for me?

Well, I suffered from racing mind.  I still do but now can calm it quickly.  I was shy with a stutter and really did not talk much.  I was floundering searching for some kind of career that would stick. I needed a purpose.

I discovered Tai Chi which led me to Qigong, which is an ancestor of Tai Chi. An older healing art form.  I found my home.

The short list of benefits and results:

  • I am more peaceful
  • I am more flexible at 65 then I was as at 55
  • I am happier with more confidence
  • I feel better in general
  • I keep improving balance and leg strength
  • I have improved my awareness of self
  • I am better off all around from my practice, and have found a sense of purposes.

All good stuff… An extremely healthy obsession.

I cannot recommend it enough.

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