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It’s the subtleties of balanced walking that get past most people

January 29, 2020

I have a question for you on your overall awareness of how you move.

How many of you pay attention to or have an awareness of the changes in your….

hips, thighs, knees, calves, ankles and feet

when you change standing or walking positions?

The reason I ask is that awareness of these changes is critical to your ability to maintain safe walking and movement as you age. 

I work mainly with older seniors and again boomers.  Most of them are over 75 and many have issues with backs, hips, knees, and well, just about every area of their body.

They ache all over so many have quit listening to what their body tells them.  They just want it to be quiet.

Yet, when I work with them on balance exercises and teach them the techniques and principles I use, they start to listen.  And wouldn’t you know it, their balance improves.

It is not rocket science or magic, although it seems magical when they can walk better, feel better and feel safer.

It is paying attention, having intention in movement and using simple principles to improve how you move.

Most of use go through the day taking for granted that we can move one foot in almost any direction and follow it with a walking step.  Until we can’t.

May I suggest that you begin to pay closer attention, feel your changes in weight bearing movements.  See and feel where your body moves and  what happens under your hips.

If you  care to, you can purchase my book on walking balance exercises.  Here is the link: Walking without fear exercises.

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