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When you see the curve-ball coming and it’s too late to duck

April 22, 2020

Here we are, weeks going on months into what for many is a life changing event.  That once in a lifetime happening you heard or read history about.

So much in such a short time has happened.  People dying quickly when spots get hot.  Controversy at every turn and corner on the slightest issue.

Jobs being lost

Society on hold

Habits altering

Finances crumbling

So much change

Then you look inward and wonder, what has changed in me?  How have I coped, and what will be different in my world moving forward.

The world is chomping at the bit to get back to work.  I too am looking forward to earning an income again.  It is something I need to do.

However, like so many in my line of work.  Holistic Health and fitness

Proving a service that people love, need and participated in, yet in many cases may very well never be the same again.

Groups of seniors,  65 and over, gathering in number of 12 – 30 people, Intermingling, getting social and physical fitness in happy, and care free environment.

I see the wall, and there are scribbles by every masseuse, yoga, tai chi, qigong and all the other professionals like us wondering how their future lies as well.

The group as a whole is going online at the same time. A mad rush to redefine themselves from in person trainer to an online trainer.


And I see all those many of us worked with who came to class for free, in county sponsored programs.  Or programs supported by a local facility who would cover our fees.

I see many of our clientele looking at the internet and thinking.  This is not what I want, or need or like, and now I have to pay for it?

With so much free material on the internet, the battle to compete, differentiate ourselves, draw in and get enough paying customers in a huge issue facing us.

An it’s no-ones fault, this curve-ball we got tossed.

Not only do we need to change, but those who use our service need to as  well.

So, while other are waiting to go back to work, we providers are already working on what to go back to.

We need to find not only the financial and technical strength to do it, but the emotional as well.  Remember I said above, this is a life changing event.

We see it,  we know it’s there and now the challenge is how exactly do each of us want to move on.

Thankfully, I teach, practice and do my best to life the lifestyle of it. It helps deal with stress.

I see my future, and it calls to me. Now to blaze the path to get there.


  1. This is a very interesting column. There is one more thing I would add. What people needed from you before is different from what they now need. For seniors, coping means life to some extent in isolation. How can we deliver our knowledge and wisdom in that context? In isolation there are several differences than in what used to be normal. One is that people are more motivated to actually do something on their own since there is no other choice. That is a good thing. Seniors are more open to hearing what you have to offer. Since group classes are a thing of the past at least for the next 6 months or so, maybe longer, then private lessons are more what people need. Reach out to seniors to ask what they now want from you. Guided meditation is one possibility. You have great wisdom and will reach your students in whatever path is ahead. I choose to see that path as an opportunity. To throw away old patterns that didn’t work and find new patterns that serve us well in these circumstances.


  2. Wise viewpoint and comments as always Vanessa, thank you!


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