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Sometimes, it does have to be all about you.

May 8, 2020

Admittedly, today was a bad day.  Probably the worst mentally since March 11th, my last day of live group classes.

Since then, life has changed.  Part of me that were fringe elements have been dragged from the shadows and are in full play now.

I am different. Not radically so, but different.  Most of us are. It is part of this virus, a part that changes you even if you never physically get it. It changes you.

So yeah, today brought all I see each day in the news, in social media, what I see and feel to  head.  A bad day as I said.

I have also been working on redoing my career, so all my Qigong has been for video, making classes.  It has not been for me, the inner me,  It has been for the teaching me. And there is a huge difference.

But today, I said enough!  Just stop already.  Everything was tense.  Tightly wound, everything annoying me. People, things, the tiniest thing.  Basically dealing with the change and forgetting the constant.


So today for the first time in nearly two months I did Qigong for myself.  Forgetting forms,  forgetting classes, forgetting Facebook, forgetting money, just making the world outside shut the hell up.

My Qigong was soothing, quieting, calming, and stimulating.

It make me remember again that you can create the peace you want.  Even for an instant.

Anyway, after 30 minutes of Qigong play, I am much better.  The world seems less harsh and more manageable.

And what I have I relearned?

This new world my be here for a long time, if not at least my lifetime.  To survive?

Take the time, relax, move and breath.

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