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Do you “mind” how you move?

May 14, 2020

There is a mindfulness of movement that you get with Qigong that you really can’t get anywhere else.

Most of us move without thinking, habitually, inattentive, and preoccupied.

We don’t feel, are disconnected from how our bodies function.

Qigong teaches us to put our minds inside our body. A total immersion into the mind – body connection.

You may think, “yeah, so”. Try not to shrug off or simply dismiss the importance of this in overall whole person health and wellness.

When you practice, you learn to listen with your mind and connect to the body, inside and out, you get a jump on irregularities that pop up.

You learn how to calm, release tensions and stresses and improve the flow of internal processes. All of which are beneficial to the resistance of illnesses.

If you have heard about or practiced meditation,  you know the benefits.  For many, if not most, stillness is not an easy thing.  Qigong is moving meditation.  The focus on the breath, the patterns,  the timing and the feel combine for a great redirection of thought.  Mindfulness in motion.

Qigong works, not magically, but physiologically.

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