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So, it didn’t go as planned. Did you adjust?

May 27, 2020

There is an old saying: man plans and god laughs.

For many, that is very funny joke, while for others it is way to sensitive a topic to be humorous.

So what is the difference maker here? Well, I am no psychologist, nor do I have any training in therapy or human behavior, but I am a people watcher.

I love to observe.

Unfortunately, quite often, and too often is what I see are folks feeling they are in control, or feel a need to control what is happening or about to happen, based on past experience and / or future desires.

They take their sense of control, importance and power over their lives way too seriously. They in many cases set themselves up for failure.

Ha! You would think that as we age, we would learn that future desire is only that, a desire. We can do our best to prepare, to plan and guide our way to our goals. Control the flow of event so to speak.

The reality is, we cannot control a damn thing. That is not how the universe works.

The universe is a series of random, ever changing, ever morphing events. Trying to pin them down to any sort of controlled flow is like trying to duct tape water to a wall.

So, when your events, your plans, your hope and dreams go awry, how do you react?

  • crushed, disappointed beyond belief
  • thwarted, and most likely not to try again
  • greatly disappointed and hesitant to try again
  • greatly disappointed but determined to try again
  • disappointed but more frustrated, will definitely try again
  • and it goes on and on, all the way to….
  • I adjusted fine and moved on

We make up whatever we need to deal with changes we did not expect, although changes, alterations and plans going awry is what we should all expect. There really isn’t another way.

Granted, every so often the wind is at our back, the oceans smooth and our plans work out just as we hoped. And if fills us with the idea of: “see what happens when we plan right!”

False hopes spring up, the seeds planted for the next kick in the butt. The universe has a sense of humor that way.

So how does this tie into Qigong?

Well, the practice of it, and Tai Chi as well shows you every day that you are not in control. That each day, each moment is unique, and subject to change.

Your awareness of subtle changes in energy, your perception, your actions, your reaction are part of larger puzzle of which you are just a part.

In plans, just think of all the other players, parts, pieces and energies that would all have to magically align to give you any semblance of control.

The best we can do, is do our best, plan our best and make the idea of continuing to adjust as needed the priority.

Now, I don’t want you take away from this that I feel all is doom and gloom. Actually it quite the opposite. Since you never know where the universe will take you, the journey is a continuous one of potential. Filled with adventures, experiences and opportunities.

When you open your heart and mind to this view, you open to fulfillment in areas and from things you would never have imagined for planned for. It is a trip or a lifetime, or many, depending on your view.

And we wonder sometimes why god laughs.

In fact, I believe, if anything, she would look at my life stream and comment: ROTFLMAO


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