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In search of the path of non-perfection

July 23, 2020

Perfection is a myth.  Or, as my first sensei taught me, it is something that is unattainable.

This is especially true of Qigong and Tai Chi, for you see, even the greatest masters are only master of what they know, and there is never knowing all.

Even then, is the master perfect at what they know and can perform in practice of the arts?

I say hardly, since we are only human. Humans are imperfect, our practice is an extension of our selves, and our practice is just that,  practice along the path of our growth.  Theirs too, is, or should be a journey of ongoing learning.

I like the idea of imperfection. In my own practice I relish in the mistakes as they help me learn, to grow and to move slightly down the path. Laughing at my flaws and mis-steps as I go.

Too often the goal of trying to be perfect in form, perfect in breath, perfect in attention and intention and perfect in being perfect in your attempts leads to frustration and lack of enjoyment.

The “being of the practice” is where the enjoyment and success lay. Learning to feel what is leads to feeling what could be.  When your attention is on being perfect you lose the sense of feeling the “now”.

So, instead of searching for perfection, being daunted by it’s elusiveness, I find searching for imperfections, learning from them and creating a path of peaks and valleys, with a lot of time spent on the gradual uphill plateaus a much better place to be.

Should you find yourself with a teacher who claims perfection, and places that as a goal of your study with them, matching their footsteps to make yours, I suggest you find a new place to go.  For you see, you will never flourish, but languish under the burden of the unattainable, and not able to find your own footing for your own path.


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