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When your engine runs hot, breathe to cool the jets

July 27, 2020

How many people do you know right now that are depressed, anxious, in bad moods or fly off the handle easily.

If you are like me, you know a lot.  Between covid stress,  social discord, political turmoil, personal and family health,  financial worries and employment / career uncertainty, all around us is in disarray.

stan farmers market2Tempers in many of us around the globe are running hotter than normal.  Folks lose perspective when this much of their life is totally out of their control.  Too any loose end factors are in play.

So,  what can we do?

I use Qigong.


It causes me to put my attention to work on something else. It gives my monkey mind a job.

What job?

I focus on the breath.  The sound of inhales and exhales.  I count the breaths. I feel the breaths, and I use the breaths to cool my mental jets.

This refocus takes away the fuel that has been feeding them, even if only for a short time.

Picture as a time out.

A break from the action.

A reset.

Try box breathing as a form of calming meditation.

Breathing in through your nose and exhaling through pursed lips use this count:

  • breath in for a count of 3
  • hold for a count of 3
  • breath out for a count of 3
  • hold for a count of 3
  • repeat, repeat and repeat for a few minutes and see if you feel calmer after.


To your health and wellness!

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