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You need a leg to stand on

September 4, 2020

I am a fanatic about building the ability to hold balance on one leg. It is imperative to do so to maintain balance and to be able to move with stability and control.

Think about it for a second, longer if you need. If you want to move anywhere from a standing position, you need to be able to take one foot off the ground, hold balance and place, and I do mean place, the lifted foot into a new position/location, before you can take that step.

It sounds like such a simple thing. And it is in mechanics. You lift a leg, put it down move to that leg and repeat with the opposite, and keep the pattern going.

However, I know from working with seniors that this is much harder for folks as they age than it seems.

The holding of balance, required skills, strength and mind – body awareness that many seems to lose as they age.

  • Fall prevention takes balance
  • Balance takes strength
  • Balance takes spatial awareness
  • Balance takes correct body positioning
  • Balance takes skill and practice

In most cases the skills for building balance are not taught. That is where I come in.

I work with people on the nuance of movement, the subtleties of

  • how to shift weight
  • how to prepare to take a step
  • how to move from one position to another
  • how to build strength for movement
  • how to feel the process
  • and how to move safely

I teach them how to build the ability to have a leg to stand on while moving safely from “here to there”.

I am teaching balance virtually via Zoom. Check out the virtual options on my site here.

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