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Moving forward against my own blocks

January 1, 2021

So here i am again. A new year and the same old time of life where I look at where I am, and making the vows to finally make those changes.

And no-one is there to stop me this time, except myself.

Fighting through my self doubt is like an underdog fighting the champ. The conscious says I’m getting beat, take the dive.

The ego says no way, we’ve got this.

The gut says I don’t know how many more body punches I can take.

All the while, I know for sure that worst case scenario, I’ll be back for a rematch should I lose.

That being said, self motivation can be challenging. I’m glad I have someone in my corner to bandage my wounds and cheer me on?

I ask as I know the feeling all to well of backing off when the fight gets too hard. When I am bruised and battered, yet knowing I am the better fighter, just unlucky.

My headstone will read… here lay Stan, the man who created the best products everyone loved but never bought.

Unless, this year, this time around I fight and win. Come home with the trophy, and golden goblet of students, successful program registrations, and growth of my online programs.

I am ready to battle, have trained well, and have a support system of friends, family and underneath it all, a good attitude.

Should I fail, it only means I need to keep training, keep moving forward, push those doubts aside, stand tall and let the world know I am not done yet.

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  1. I’m betting on you Stan.

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