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Mind – body fitness is not just for old folks

February 10, 2021

Most people view Tai Chi and Qigong (and maybe Yoga) as old people exercise, as it is all the rage for healthy aging these days.

However these are people forms of fitness for health and wellness, not specifically age ones.
That being said, I suggest that more young people be introduced Tai Chi, Qigong, Yoga, meditation and other mind – body modalities instead of the more popular contact sport activities.

Our younger generations need to learn how to destress, to take better care of their mental approach to life and find the gentleness within that mind – body fitness offers.

Contact sports thrive on competition, the show of strength and being a victor to gain respect in our world. Where in these times, we need to be calmer, softer and more mindful of our actions and self care.

Mindfulness practice leads to acceptance of self, and yes, of others. I feel it would offer great rewards for our culture, should we start to guide our young ones down the path.

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