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Hey it’s me, the universe, is anyone home?

February 16, 2021

I live in my head a lot. I think, I think about thinking,

I think about teaching, I think about cooking. I think about practicing. I think about drawing.

I think.

Today I was working on a sketch.

Like most of my work, this one started from a doodle, some random lines and motion. With a minimum of planning at best.

While I was working on it over the last few days I had been talking to the drawing. From a thinking point of view. Telling the drawing what I wanted it to be.

It wasn’t getting far.

Today I asked it to talk to me. And the universe said, “well, hello there”. It continued with, “I have been calling for days but no-one answered. I was wondering if anyone was home”.

So speaking through the paper, the drawing began to talk to me. And you know what. It was very much like doing freestyle Qigong.

The energy directed me as i listened, instead of thought. It was a release, and a gain. Very much a flow of connection.

So my question is, do you practice listening by letting go, and allow the universe to direct your action?

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