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The Covid excuse for personal fitness fails

March 2, 2021

Yep, I will say it. Those who claim their self care has gone into the crapper due to covid is one big excuse.

I hear a lot of folks saying that the closure of gyms, being shut in, and general malaise of the past year has decimated their fitness.

What that says to me is:

  • I have no idea how to think alternatively
  • I am stubborn and won’t do anything new
  • I am too lazy to learn something new
  • I am so fixated on the past I can’t move forward
  • I am too depressed to care
  • and so on

It’s a harsh view. I know it. I live with the same issues though. I have gained back 5 pounds, but I do every winter. For me, it’s not a covid thing.

I have been walking. Every day. I have learned more exercises I can do at home. Practiced more Qigong, and I have altered my diet to eat healthier. Less food purchased on the go and more cooking at home.

If covid has shown me anything, it is what I feel is important. Health and wellness is high on that list.

So any lost a lot of their daily living “stuff” and cannot wait to get back to it. This waiting for what was has put them on hold. Dealing with what is, and finding alternative ways to keep moving, keep happy, keep sane and live for today is critical.

So yeah, covid may be the reason for the situation we are all in, but is an excuse to do nothing to make a new way to live.

How are you dealing with it? It’s been a rough year. Mindfulness arts like Tai Chi, Qigong and yoga are great tools to help cope.

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