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On making Qigong your own

April 20, 2021

I tell students constantly that I am just an example, teaching what works for me. My hope and request for them is that they learn to internalize the what I teach and make it their own.

Following is a note I got from a student after she thanked me for a video she received from a class.

She gets the idea of how to take the lessons and do what she can, as she is able. Kudos to her!

“Hello Stan!

In response to your questions…

Prior to Covid I led Healthy Bones classes for seniors with Osteoporosis – [which I also have].
I have become my own worst enemy .. since then.  This past year my volunteer efforts have changed to all day phone efforts.  Too much sitting. [Too much gourmet food indulgence … to keep me upbeat after dealing with distress calls all day!   As a result, my knees .. which should have been operated on several years ago because of arthritis … have gotten worse.  And I am avoiding surgery – like the plague!  In 39% of knee surgeries patients continue with pain issues.  That % is too high for me! 

I really am unable to bend my knees as required in your classes so I take ideas from each of your classes and incorporate them – as I can – with exercises I did in Healthy Bones …[ but definitely NOT like the program I once led … only a version of it … but I do exercise  daily…]

I use your examples of various upper body movements, which help with stretching – shoulder rotations – flexing of hands and wrists .. and this past week I particularly liked your leg strengthening.  Obviously, I am unable to do all of it – and I must lightly hold on .. but … perhaps … in time … 

I always  emphasized the importance of posture – and you do that so well with your emphasis on the crown of the head.

And you illustrate everything well, Stan by turning your body in different ways to face the camera so your audience can truly understand the positions you are attempting to illustrate.  In fact a Zoom session – in that particular regard – may be even more helpful than if you were in front of a live class!  BRAVO!

I also liked your session that included eye movements!  I don’t know why that is not stressed more in exercise classes.  It certainly makes a lot of sense to me!

I took several of your early classes when you first started at the Chester Senior center – but then my volunteering interfered with your time slot.  I was impressed with you then – and continue to be!  I have always encouraged people to take your classes.

Sooooo … although I am physically unable to follow your routines as they should be done, you  continue to provide me with ideas that I  CAN  incorporate and I truly appreciate that.  Plus having them recorded means that I don’t miss out on such opportunities – so I am VERY grateful!  

You are . . THE  B-E-S-T,  Stan! May God shower you with His many blessings … for ALL of your generous time and efforts on behalf of the community!”

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