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The mind / body journey is a trip

April 26, 2021

The practice of internal / mind – body is a journey of personal growth and taking responsibility for your health and wellness.

So many, including myself at times take it too lightly.

As a practitioner and teacher, I spend a lot of my life in the Qigong and walking meditation head. I also work hard at incorporating the mindset into my daily life.

I say work hard at it simply because it is not easy. With do many life distractions, relationships, work, bills, the need to do “other life things” all make living in the “wellness head” a somewhat difficult task.

Luckily since I teach I have to settle in multiple times a week, purposefully to work with my clients.

Yet, so often the non teaching dedicated time to practice gets waylaid or sidetracked by other “stuff of life”.

If you practice any internal mind – body arts, and working on your own journey of well being, how are you enjoying the trip so far?

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