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Transition awareness is key to balanced movement

April 29, 2021

We all stand, yet so many of us are totally unaware of, or pay little attention to what goes into the mechanics of it.

Now, I have to say, all I am going to talk about here is based on my years (and years) of Tai Chi practice and my years of teaching balanced walking and Tai Chi / Qigong forms.

When you are standing, do you feel your weight even across your feet, front to back, side to side and slightly forward of the instep? Or is your weight back on your heels?

When you take a step, do you feel the weight shift to your support leg, feel the balance and support and step? Or do you just move out of habit?

When you move from the leg you are standing on to the stepping leg, do you feel the transition away from balance and support, feel your weight even at center and transition to the new support leg? Or do you just move without awareness?

Do you notice if your knees are soft or locked?

Are your ankles and hips soft or tight?

Do you move from your legs or from your pelvis?

Are you standing tall or slumped?

Do you know where your center of gravity is in relation to your movement?

Do you move as a unit, the hips carrying the upper body, or do you move as a mass if independent parts?

There are so many subtleties and nuance to moving (stepping and walking) with grace and balance that most people ignore. Yet they are all critical to fall prevention and healthy aging. And most of them are not taught outside of mind – body movement classes.

Just some food for thought. If you have question, or are interested in learning heath and wellness movement, check out my website:

I am seeking groups, and individuals for Zoom classes.

One Comment
  1. Stan, good points to bring our attention to the mindfulness of moving our bodies. As a race walker, I have learned to be very mindful of how I walk and have learned techniques to help improve as well.


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