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Building body Awareness via touch

July 3, 2021

Lightness and softness… Feeling both external and internal.

Sensing the connection between the two.

Try this:

Standing 1/2 an arms length from a counter, reach out and touch it. What did you touch with?

1 finger, two, or more?

If more than one. Did they touch in sequence on your hand, or randomly?

Next: reach out and touch again and feel as soon as you make contact. Smile and try again, but this time make softer contact, feeling it soon.

Again, did all fingers make the same contact?

Next: try it again and try to sense the counter just prior to contact.

Do you feel how you need to keep softening your movement and build your awareness of your movement?

Where else did you feel sensations while connecting via finger touch?

Repeat this from time to time and see how your senses improve.

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