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The aging well mindset

July 16, 2021

It all starts with attitude, and goes either uphill or downhill from there.

I run across a lot of aging boomers and seniors in my line of work. I hear lots of stories about getting older. Some of total joy and happiness, and some of utter misery, and many versions of in between those two extremes.

What they all have in common is attitude. Not the same attitude but one that seems to belie their current position.

Illness of course is a major player here, but even that has a lot of attitude base in the overall picture.

Basically, aging well, in my opinion, and many other in various fields, say, comes down to how much you move.

I don’t mean only getting up and walking but also in:

  1. how much you reach
  2. how much you lift, not weight, but lift
  3. how much you grasp
  4. how much you bend
  5. how much you turn and twist
  6. how much you smile
  7. and of course, how much you walk

All but numbers 6 and 7 above can be found in almost every body part. And we can replace how much with how often. And all but number 7 can be done from a chair.

So the only blockage to this is mindset.

Asking yourself, do I want to age better.

  1. If your deep self says no, for whatever reason, you don’t bother moving.
  2. If your deep self answer is yes, you move, to whatever your current capability is, and work up from there.

And therein, is the power of Qigong. Movement for health, wellness and feeling better

  1. thank you Jo 🙂

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