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Frozen mainsprings cannot fulfill their purpose

December 17, 2021

My father was a watch and clockmaker. Not just a repairman. He truly understood the principles.

He told me once that the purpose of a clock mainspring was not to keep the clock running on time, but to be wound, and to unwind.

It needed to do this to maintain the integrity of the material. The keeping of time was a benefit of it’s purpose.

He also told me that a clock that was constantly wound up, or wound to tight, would lock up or freeze, unable to unwind without being mechanically removed and released by outside hands. Even then, it would need care to work properly again. Due to the misuse, it would also lose some its natural ability, prematurely. Yes, the springs do lose integrity over many years.

Viewing this in regards to myself. I was often wound to tightly. I had been my entire life.

Emotional tightening, physical tightening and overall abuse of life tightening. All of which at times kept me from my purpose of living a comfortable, relaxed life.

I have found though, the practice of Qigong are great tools for internal and external intervention.

The practice of the art helps me get the internal tension, my mainspring of central nervous system and my mind, to relax and unwind.

Qigong oils my joints, cleans the internal mechanisms and aids in keeping me in working order.

Like all mainsprings, mine will eventually wear down and wear out, but for now, keeping it from being wound to tight is a great practice.

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