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Getting to the root of sinking, easier said than done.

February 8, 2022

Do you practice rooting, drinking, driving your energy and weight deep?

Years ago, my first sensei gave me a great demonstration of the power of the practice.

He placed himself in Wuji stance and immediately asked me to stand behind him, wrap my arms around his middle his lift him up, which I did.

He then told me to go practice my walking and when he called me to come back and lift him again.

A few minutes later he called me over, and honestly, I could not get him off the ground.

He had used his skills to drop his physical, energetic and emotional weight deep into the floor and became a rooted post.

That said, from your Wuji stance, or centered/balanced stance:

  • with each inhale slightly expand
  • with each exhale, slightly drop / sink
  • visualize all your mass – thoughts/emotions, Qi, stress, weight, tension drop through the body, through the hips, down the legs, through the knees and ankles, through the feet and deep
  • allow the stream of thoughts to flow / stream through, focusing on the breath, release and sinking
  • releasing tension, opening the channels to flow down, and rooting, connecting to the earth.

I practice this deeply calming and meditative method myself and find that at the end of practice, I often need to smack my legs to release them.

Let me know your experience with rooting.

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