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About Stan Cohen – Founder of ChiForLiving

Stan Cohen – Teaching and loving it.


I have to start with a note I recieved from Elizabeth,  a student who found me by attending a group class at Bristol Glen Senior Living Center in Newton, NJ.

She wrote to me:

“It is my pleasure to recommend Stan Cohen, my Tai Chi and Qigong instructor.

I have been attending Stan’s Wednesday class for seniors semimonthly for about eight months and he is a teacher of high energy, humor, and admirable talent. He not only demonstrates and executes the moves required, but delves into the meaning and purpose of the movements. A teacher of superior talent in patience and adaptability to students of different abilities and expertise, I believe he makes the idea and immersion into Tai Chi Qigong enjoyable and beneficial to anyone who takes his classes. Stan is truly gifted.”

That sums up what Tai Chi has done for me.  It transformed me, and helped make me who I am today;

So, now to my background:

For years I was told I should be a teacher.  At age 42, I found what I was meant to teach, and what I have a true passion for.

A student of movement, a fanatic about coordination sports like Frisbee and ping pong and practitioner of Qigong and Tai Chi has led to my current path.


Initially I was with my sensei for nearly 10 years, with most of that time being one-on-one. It was an amazing learning journey. To this day I am still discovering things I was shown but only now ready to learn.  From him I leaned the mindset of eclectic movement form study.  He taught with the mental aspects of Tai Chi, Qigong, Yoga, and Tai Kwon Do.  Quite non-traditional in his approach.  And one that I carry with me.

I have since studied hundreds of hours of online video, some like everyone else, but most from courses I have taken.  I am certified in Tai Chi for Arthritis and am a Certified level two instructor through the American Tai Chi and Qigong Association.

A visual artist  and intuitive thinker, and of course a Gemini, my creative mode always lends to a unique style of  interpretation and application with any project I take on.  Learning these arts was a a project that became an obsession.  Not to learn the traditional form, family lineage models, but to learn to feel, and to move.

It led me to develop my own view, my own path and to discover what was underneath it through feeling it.

The decision to develop my movement program follows that trend.

Developing a program to teach older adults to get back in touch with their bodies, increase their physical capabilities and live a more vital lifestyle opened a lot of possibilities for creative thinking.

Mainly, how do you take a combination of Martial Arts, everyday life activities, movement theory, meditation, fun, and traditional exercise and create a program that older adults could not only do, but want to come to for more.

The main aspect of what makes the programs I create work is the teaching method and style.  Mixing in my interpretation of movement technique, presentation and personality has turned into a successful program that is generating a lot of success with the older adults taking participating in classes.. Refined by participant feedback and results over the last two years, my program has turned into a project with huge potential for growth.

Since 2007, working with seniors ranging from those with Alzheimer’s to fully active seniors has helped me tune the movements and learn how to reach and teach ChiForLiving™ to just about any group, based on their needs, abilities and expectations.

No matter whom I teach, or show my methods, it thrills me knowing I am helping make a positive change in their lives.

Who do you know that would like to increase their independence and live with increased joy?

  1. Paul Cohen permalink

    hey, Stan,
    I was/am so excited by your website. I had no idea you had even been doing martial arts study, or any inward reflection practice. This website blew me away. If I was there, I would come to work with you in a heartbeat. The website is ideally informative, stimulating and inviting. Your comments are heartfelt, simple, direct, and meaningful. I am impressed with the “whole”. I was honored that you shared it with me, and couldn’t wait to tell you so, even by means of an email reply.
    You have always been a seer or sorts, deeply intuitive and insightful. You have always had a truth about you, at least the person I have been with, that has always felt deep, sincere, and penetrating. It sounds like you have brough it all(or at least a lot of the good stuff) together in your practice and now the website. Lots of luck with this. I am sure it will do well as it feels quite blessed to me.
    Lots of love,


  2. Hi Stan
    I like the new look of the site. I also like the blog format, as you can interact with people much more easily.
    Keep going you are doing amazing!


  3. Thanks for the comments Paul and Linda. It seems that as soon as I made the commitment to this new direction life came into focus.

    Changing to this blog format also allows me to focus on what I want to say instead of worrying about building a site to work with.


  4. Bill Sharp permalink


    Really great to see what you are doing, seems you have found your true calling and it involves helping others live a fuller life! I could not imagine a better situation to be in, I wish you all the best and keep on forging ahead!




  5. I also found your blog and mission fascinating. Where are you located? I would love to be involved.

    Wendy Hammarstrom


  6. Wendy,

    Thanks for your interest. I am in northwest New Jersey. What is is that grabbed you about what I do, or write about? Did you check out my other sites? and

    Please email me direct at

    Hope to speak with you soon,



  7. Allen Cleirbaut permalink

    Stan, I see you were teaching Tai Chi at Mt Olive Rec but the class was cancelled. Are you teaching somewhere else locally and when? Thank you, Allen Cleirbaut


  8. Allen, and everyone for that matter, check out my Meetup site for info on my Hackettstown, NJ classes:

    NorthWest Jersey Tai Chi & Balance Classes

    Hackettstown, NJ
    36 Members

    Take responsibility for caring for your body as you age.  If you want to maintain an independent lifestyle, you need to work at it.ChiForLiving fitness is not gym muscle buil…

    Next Meetup

    Get some Tai Chi Inspired Fitness

    Friday, Aug 22, 2014, 6:00 PM
    2 Attending

    Check out this Meetup Group →


  9. I just happened upon your blog and love what you are doing! Making these exercises available and accessible for seniors is so important. What a great way to help with balance and fall prevention. I work with an Alzheimer’s group in New Orleans and finding ways to promote movement can be a challenge!
    Thanks for providing so much valuable information.


  10. Thank you for your comment Shari. I have worked hard and spent many hours of teaching in developing the methodology I use in my ChiForLiving and Chi For Caring programs. It is great when others also realize the value 🙂

    The hardest group that I work with is an Alzheimer’s group. With them I never know of what to expect and am quite often surprised at their reaction and engagement with the exercises.


  11. rich permalink

    anyone know if sifu george graham is still around? i studied with him for quite a few years?


  12. Never met him. Have not been in touch with Sensei Tom in many years either.


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