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Bizignite Business Planning Tool

For those of you who, like me, want to expand and reach as many people as you can you need to know the who, where and why of how to get there.

Writing a long and involved traditional business plan is cumbersome and time consuming.  In most cases, also not very accurate.

If you are serious about your goals you need a tool that was built just for your purpose.  To help you look at each piece of your  business, as stand alone parts and at the relationships between them.

If you are thinking about funding and finding investors for your business, the clear and concise plan is critical.  From the initial story idea to the ROI, having it laid out in an easy and quick to read format will get the attention of those you reach out to.

The following tool, Bizignite Business Planning Tool, from  Kenova Technologies is what you need.  I have used this tool and highly recommend it.


The Bizignite Business Planning Tool Advantages:

  • Deals can be closed months sooner
  • Collaborate on business ideas in real time
  • Team synchronization
  • Quick reference for team members
  • Quick and simple progress comparison
  • Rapidly compare market opportunities
  • Strength and weaknesses pop out effortlessly
  • Regular business strategy and plan review – doesn’t sit on the shelf collecting dust
  • Smart money can see where it can bring value instantly
  • Business opportunities presented like a highly seasoned veteran
  • Attach documents and post comments
  • Plans investors will read!


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