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The questions I get asked a lot because people are curious and want to know.

Q:  What is different between what you teach and a traditional Tai Chi class?

A:  My programs are based in a combination of Tai Chi and Qigong movement principals,  calisthenics, and western exercise.  The program is  geared to help students learn body awareness, and become better suited to fitness for everyday activities.

Traditional instruction of Tai Chi works on set movements performed in a series,  called a “Form”. these moves are fairly standard, and are variations of 11 Tai Chi movements.  Most instructors will also incorporate the Asian Tai Chi cultural aspects of the Art into the teaching.

Q: I see a lot of discussion on your blog about geriatric, older adults and senior living classes. Are these the only age groups your programs work for?

A: The short answer – Absolutely not.  The long answer – the exercises in our program are geared to allow anyone, any age and any fitness level to improve their capabilities.  Of course, well trained athletes would most likely do them as just a “warm-up”.   I instruct classes so that each participant understands that working to their level is the most important aspect.

Q: What do I mean by intuitive movement?

A: I feel your body innately knows how it should move.  One of the goals of my programs is to help people unlearn the bad habits of walking, standing and moving they have learned.  The process allows the participants, and their bodies to get back in tune of the the natural way of moving and co-ordination of body, mind and spirit.

Q: Why do you have “A lifelong attitude of play” as your subtitle?

A: I have found that many people, especially seniors forget how to play for the sake of playing.  Keeping a fun, playful, childlike attitude about life in my opinion if critical to enjoying the aging process.  Life is hard enough and when mixed with a constant lack of playfulness gets tedious and overwhelming. When you keep the playfulness, you help keep the fun of living in you top of mind awareness.

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