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Frozen mainsprings cannot fulfill their purpose

My father was a watch and clockmaker. Not just a repairman. He truly understood the principles.

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Qigong aids in peronal growth

Qigong increases your self awareness in many ways.

Many of you know I stutter. Many of you also know l am shy and an introvert.

Yet I love to teach Qigong.

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Do you need to do it quick and right the first time?

Impatience is a beast, and it can rear it ugly head when we don’t get our way.

We want what we want and we want it now.

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The aging well mindset

It all starts with attitude, and goes either uphill or downhill from there.

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Building body Awareness via touch

Lightness and softness… Feeling both external and internal.

Sensing the connection between the two.

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