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Do you need to do it quick and right the first time?

Impatience is a beast, and it can rear it ugly head when we don’t get our way.

We want what we want and we want it now.

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The aging well mindset

It all starts with attitude, and goes either uphill or downhill from there.

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Building body Awareness via touch

Lightness and softness… Feeling both external and internal.

Sensing the connection between the two.

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Transition awareness is key to balanced movement

We all stand, yet so many of us are totally unaware of, or pay little attention to what goes into the mechanics of it.

Now, I have to say, all I am going to talk about here is based on my years (and years) of Tai Chi practice and my years of teaching balanced walking and Tai Chi / Qigong forms.

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The mind / body journey is a trip

The practice of internal / mind – body is a journey of personal growth and taking responsibility for your health and wellness.

So many, including myself at times take it too lightly.

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