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Presentations and Workshops / Lunch-n-Learns

The practice of Tai Chi and Qigong is gaining popularity in the United States.  Each week, and at times daily, there are reports of the benefits this type of movement offer to seniors, those with age related maladies such as Parkinson’s, essential tremors, diabetes, high blood pressure, stress and anxiety,  and many others as well as those who are healthy and just looking to keep aging in a healthy and mindful manner.

Communities, libraries, groups and organizations who are looking to bring Tai Chi or Qigong to their members will want to consider one or more of the programs offered offered and presented by ChiForLiving and Chi for Caring.

Each of our program contains movements which have been proven effective and are used in practice by our students and clients across northwest NJ.  Ranging in use from Alzheimer’s residents to active seniors, our methodology of incorporating Tai Chi and Qigiong principals into an accessible method of movement has helped hundreds of individuals improve or maintain their overall health and mobility since 2006.

Each program is interactive and geared to run 45 minutes to an hour.  The programs can be customized to fit the needs of the participants. The programs are about them and for them, so we like to make sure they get the most they can from participating.   Normally, based on attendance and capabilities he notices in the group, the presenter modifies the demonstrations as it goes.

The cost for each program is $125 within Warren County,  NJ.   Let’s talk about your location outside the county to see if and what additional travel cost would be incurred.

The following are the standard workshops, however one can be customized for your group as needed.

1) Standing Mobility, Balance and Leg Strength

Balance is a huge issue and the main concern we find among the senior population.  Fall prevention and balance is my passion.  Many of the balance exercises I developed are pulled from the Tai Chi walk and the rolling heel to toe step. 

In general, the exercises in this workshop are geared to build strength and stability to take a controlled, balanced step, build proprioception awareness and improve skills for daily walking and mobility.

2) Chair Based Upper and Lower Body Fitness

Many who are chair bound feel they have lost the ability to exercise.  Chi for Caring fitness seated programs show them they have more capability to move for fitness than they realize.

The upper body stretching combined with lower body strength work in this workshop provides a good overview  of what can be done from a seated position to keep moving to maintain independence.

3) Combined Standing and Chair Based Fitness

This workshop combines elements of both the all seated and all standing programs and is the most popular among the senior center and senior living facilities.  

4) Qigong Stretching for Health

The use of Qigong for health is well documented in China and is gaining steam in the medical community.  This workshop covers a few breathing exercises and two short forms for internal organ fitness.

5) Applying The Basics of Tai Chi Movement

ChiforLiving and Chi for Caring use many traditional principals.  This workshop covers 5 of them and uses exercises to show how to apply them in your daily movement and normal lifestyle routines.

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