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Classes – Open to the Public

This summer (2018) there is a special 8 Brocades Qigong class being held at Orchard View Lavender Farm in Port Murray, NJ.

This class is an outdoor class, running 12 weeks starting June 22nd.

For info and to register for this event, please go this link:  Register for this special summer session

1) Tai Chi & Qigong Meetup in Hackettstown, NJ

Weekly on Mondays from 6 – 7:15 pm

Come on down and join us for some Qigong and Tai Chi form practice.  The forms we do are “short forms”  with a strong focus on timing and coordination.

We practice breathing / stretching for warm up and cool down each evening.

Fee: $10 / class

Location: 254A Mountain Avenue, Suite 2A, Hackettstown, NJ  – The studio is in the complex across from the Lowes Plaza on Mountain Avenue. The first building and on the second floor.

Here is the Google Map link

View the group information at

2) Tai Chi and Qigong at Gibson’s Gym

Thursdays 1 – 2 pm

Fridays at 5:30pm – 6:30  (4:30 – 5:30 starting Oct 28th)

Tai Chi, Qigong and balance work

Free for members,  $15 WALK IN  for non-members

Come on down and join us for some balance – leg strength exercise, Tai Chi and Qigong practice.  These classes entail a strong focus building on timing and coordination skills for Tai Chi and Qigong movement.

3) Chester NJ Senior Resource Center

Weekly on Tuesdays from 3:00 – 4:00 pm

This is a balance range of motion class focuses on building leg strength and range of motion exercise . The exercises incorporate the slow controlled  Tai Chi style movement.  It is a wonderful gentle weight bearing  exercise and which utilizes controlled breathing to enhance your oxygen intake. We also perform some Qigong style exercise to wind up the sessions.

Fee:  Suggested $3 donation to the center

Location: Church of the Messiah

50 Rt. 24, Chester, NJ 07930

Take Route 513 East from the center of Long Valley. just 3 miles from the stone bridge on the right side of the road.
Here is the Google Map link:

  1. leah steen permalink

    Is there tai chi at Church of the Messiah today?


  2. As far as I know. I suggest calling them later to make sure.


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