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Stan’s Video Clips

The best place to see the samples is on my  Youtube page .

I also post a lot of video and information on my Facebook page


The videos below are all older however I chose to them linked here for now.  For “posterity”  🙂

Independent Living Group Class at Paragon Village in Hackettstown, NJ

I have been working with the independent group for a couple of years now. The ladies (and a few men) are tons of fun, interactive and really want to improve their capabilities. They were my first group and being so, do a lot of teasing, laughing and so on. However, I do make them work.

Yang 10 Form

Notice Grasping the Birds Tail, Push Hands, Brush Knee, Cloud Hands, Press and Pull Back, Repulse Monkey, Overhead Block and a Leg Grab. This form is a good mix of basic moves stretching the waist, torso and shoulders while working on balance and strengthening the legs throughout the routine.

Working on Tai Chi breathing techniques help to slow the movements down and work your respiratory system

There two more video samples of this form here and here

Qigong Form

My sensei Tom taught me this form 21 years ago and I have practiced it a few thousand times since.  As with all Tai Chi and Qigong,  the learning of form is a lifelong process.  I am still in the process of learning and will always be a student.

With each practice of this form I learn more about myself and the movements and the feel of the energy flow.

One Comment
  1. Hello, Stan:

    I have finally had the opportunity to review your website and “poke around”. Clearly you seem to have converted an interest into a commercial activity – we should all be so lucky. The seniors in your video (upper middle age, as 80 is these days) seem to derive a benefit more than physical – which is the key to your program. Best of luck, and keep working the angles.




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