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What the Seniors have to say

I talk about the value of using ChiForLiving exercises to anyone who will listen.  It is better to hear what the seniors who use the exercises say how it has helped them.

Take a few minutes to listen to the following and see if you get inspired to start working on improving your own balance.

Mary – A student at the Senior Resource Center in Chester, NJ

Marty – A student at the Senior Resource Center in Chester,  NJ.

Richard – A student at the House of the Good Shepherd in Hackettstown, NJ

Mrs. Alverson – A resident at Bentley Assisted Living in Branchville, NJ

  1. Anonymous permalink

    I joined Stan for a class at Gibson’s Gym in Washington today. It was a great class and I loved the room we were in. As Stan went through the movements standing on a low stage, he was backed by a full wall mirror! I could see exactly how he made each move! I will definitely return another day for a class there. Thanks, Stan, for the guidance in learning Tai Chi.


  2. So glad you made it!


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