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Continue to remain active as you age!

Flexibility and balance exercise will keep you moving. The commitment to keeping flexible with a good range of motion is well worth the effort. 

"Stan practicing on the towpath"

As quoted from the Oxford University Press:

“Fitness is generally defined as the ability of a person to live a happy, well-balanced life. It embraces the physical, intellectual, social, and spiritual aspects of a person’s life.” 

As we age, our muscles lose their elasticity, strength and muscle tone leading to overall loss of fitness. 

The practice of our programs, especially for seniors and aging baby boomers is the perfect exercise for both physical and emotional balance, providing exercise for body, mind and spirit.

I will cover how the this type of exercise affects daily living, and how it would benefit anyone looking for fitness, clarity, relief from pain, and a change in the way they live their lives.

Would you like to be more physically comfortable?

My programs keep you moving with anti-arthritic exercise!

How do you move, walk, reach for something or even just stand in a grocery line? 

Are any of the above painful? My guess is if you’re young, say under 35 to 40, you can say no problems to all of the above. I would venture to say that anyone older is starting to feel a few aches here and there.

The purpose of this site is to promote how the benefits of maintaining and active, vital lifestyle enhances the mental and physical qualities of life as we age. 

Working with the Independent Living ladies at Paragon Village

Working with the Independent Living ladies at Paragon Village


ChiForLivingTM Senior Fitness

Flexibility and balance helps maintain independent living.

Taking the needs of the older person into account, ChiForLivingTM has developed a series of fitness programs.

There are many people who lack capability to move through the traditional Yoga or Tai Chi forms and positions. For others, the idea of becoming a long term student is outside their needs or goals. 

Fitness Classes specifically designed for seniors

ChiForLivingTM works at building students fitness levels while getting them in touch with how they move. ChiForLivingTM Seniors Fitness basics can be used as a “warm up” program or to gain ability to move up advanced program levels.

Our programs create better movement, increased range of motion and increased balance. The results lead to a safer, more mobile independent lifestyle of the aging person.

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