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Qigong mindset saved me today

August 15, 2020
Qigong helped me today…
This whole covid deal has been making me a bit crazy this week.. I had thought I had it under control, but for some reason last weekend caused a stir I had not been able to shake.

Since mid march, like so many of us, our worlds changed. My professional life is tied directly to my personal. So when my world changed, the whole personal “me” picture changed.
Today while doing Qigong I was really focusing on the transitions, and the feel of them, not just the movement itself. This is something I always stress, but sometimes forget myself in practice.
This focus on transition stuck in my head. A huge aspect of Qigong is introspection, so I turned this idea of transition inward, and looked at my current situations through that lens.
The change in view helped me see that my life is in transition, and that I had been trying to control my reactions to the change, without allowing myself to feel what what changing.
As in Qigong, you need to feel before you can control movement. If you can’t feel it, you don’t know what is changing or altering in the shift. You just know that something is. When you can feel it, you control it more with each new feeling. Eventually able to direct it where you want it be. Going with the flow that feels right for you.
Can you see how now, after my session, after my meditation on the issues using Qigong I feel better?
Qigong works in mysterious ways.
  1. Wonderful realization.

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  2. Thanks.. I found it refreshing. 🙂


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