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Caregiving to others and ignoring self care – sound familiar?

May 4, 2014

Sometimes you do need to step back and assess changes you need to make in your life that will benefit your health.

Yesterday while sitting and waiting for my haircut a women came in to get her hair washed. She has pulled a muscle in her upper back and could not raise her arm to wash her own hair.

It was obvious she was stressed out. I asked her what happened and if she was OK.

She did say she is a caregiver to her grandfather, her husband and worked as a teacher in a psychiatric hospital. She felt the constant stress may have had a part in her injury.

I totally agreed. Ongoing tension causes sever muscle tightness and like a clock mainspring, when over wound will eventually snap.

I talked with her about diaphragmatic breathing. She said, I don’t have time to learn.

I told her you don’t have time not to, look at what you are doing to yourself by avoiding the start of self care. She did nod and agree. 

Will she take any steps… my guess is not, however I hope she does follow my suggestion and searches the web for “benefits of diaphragmatic breathing”.

I told her when she reads about it she may find it is something she needs to do. It would be a great first step for her on a road to starting some real physical and emotional healing.

Do you have health issues that you are avoiding taking charge of?

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