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Tai Chi Movement – respite time for calming the brain churn

May 28, 2014

Are you one of the many whose mind constantly churns, no matter what?

There is a name I have for this, and it is called racing mind.  The thoughts just keep coming and coming and coming…..

It gets tiresome. If you have this you know just what I mean.

This syndrome is one of the many things that got me involved with Tai Chi many years ago.  I needed something to chill me out. I used to run which helped to burn out the stresses of daily life and in doing so calmed the churn for a bit.  Then my knees said no more, and the running stopped.

waving_handsI was introduced to Tai Chi and was immediately drawn to the softness of the movement.  I did not realize it would offer the coming effect that I needed.

Due to the concentration needed to perform the patterned routines along the timing of movement  while incorporating  breathing  techniques there is little room for much else in the way of thought.

While performing movement your mind pushes everything else away allowing you to fully focus on your mind -body connection.  In doing so it calms the churn, and relaxes your spirit.

If you are looking for this kind of relief, I suggest you try out for a few classes.  You may not get it right away, but that’s OK.  It will come if you give it a chance to work on you, and you on it.

Your biggest issue  may be finding a teacher who is right for you.  You may want to try a few different classes to see which you relate to the most.


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